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Composer, singer, guitarist and producer for the independent music scene in Mexico. Merges various genres and rhythms that result in an alternative sound, fresh and emotional, in which the song is both the conductor and protagonist .


Committed to the lyrics, going from the most casual to the most intimate, always fresh and current as his distinctive main features.


Uses technology at the service of the song, and in his search incorporates electronic sounds, loops and acoustic instruments resulting in a proposal of a modernist personality and touching at the same time.


He has four records to his credit and more than 20 collaborations in other musical productions .


In 2013 releases "Fábrica de Aves" ("Bird Factory") independent production that combines the most current of his sound and a selection of 14 songs written by him that were filtered by natural selection throughout recent years . With the participation in a duet of "Los Claxons" one of the most important pop rock bands in Mexico .


In 2009 releases "Circo bicileta" ("Bicycle Circus") an album that has the participation of international musicians such as The Barrera brothers, members of the jazz group B4 , and a song co-written with Brazilian composer Leo Minax .


In 2006 releases independently his second production titled "Que nadie se entere" ("May no one know about it") recorded and produced by himself on acoustic guitar and loops format.


In 2003 he recorded his first album titled "Juguete de Madera" ("Wooden Toy") under the label Sony BMG which had the singles "Cosquillas al cielo" ("Tickling the Sky") and "Flaca" ("skinny girl") which sold over 50 000 copies.



The artistic work of Miguel Inzunza goes beyond his own albums and and example of it is 'Anton Antoni eta', a duet in Basque -language he recently recorded with Ximena Sariñana for the album " Kalea " of Basque musician Kepa Junkera, in which shares credit with artists such as Pablo Milanes, Juanes, Leon Gieco and Lila Downs, Ivan Lins and others.


He Participates in the Tribute album to Fito Paez playing the song "Un loco en la Calesita" ("A mad man in The Carousel") sharing credits with artists such as Reyli Barba, Iraida Noriega, Noel Schajris, and Lena, among others.


With "La Quinta Estacion" he records a duet in the song "Algo Mas" ("Something More") and participates as a guitarist and co-musical arranger in all songs from the band's album called "Acustico" (Äcoustic").





In 2012 produces the album "A Ras del Cielo" ("At Heaven Level") for Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Charlene Arian .


In 2012 produces the song "Naturaleza Muerta" ("Still Life") for the album "Parte del Show" ("Part of the Show") by the singer-songwriter Lazcano Malo.


In 2011 produces the album "Fotograma" ("Snapshot") for singer-songwriter Eliud Falomir.





In addition , to his role as music producer for Open Window Films, he shared the creation of the soundtrack for the film "Tequila" (Directed by Sergio Sanchez Suarez ) with the Italian Carlo Siliotto (2007 Golden Globe Award nominee for the film " Nomad " ) .


In this film, set in the 1942's Mexico, starring Unax Ugalde, Edward Furlong and Angelica Aragon, he created the songs "Flor de campo", ("Field Flower") which was performed by Mexican singer Eugenia Leon and "Tequila" that was the film's main song, performed by himself.


In 2007 writes "Mas alla" co-authored with Karenka , which becomes the main theme of the movie "Reevolucion" ("Re-evolution") .


In 2006 composed lyrics and music of the song "Un par de miradas" ("A couple of looks") song for the movie "La Misma Luna" ("Under the Same Moon") from Oscar winning director Patricia Riggen.

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